Repair & Services

Movie Transfers from

    • Standard 8 Video

    • Hi-8 Video

    • Digital 8 Video

    • VHS Video

    • VHS-C Video

    • Betamax

    • S-VHS Video

    • S-VHS-C Video

    • Mini DV

    • Mini DVCAM

    • DVD (Data & Video)

    • CD-ROM

    • Memory Cards

What Makes Us Different

A lot of other computer repair companies are lazy.....if you have a software problem or a virus, they prefer to reinstall your system, backing up your system, as it takes less time to repair. The problem with that is all software and settings are lost, which takes a long time to get right again. Sometimes, you cannot get it how it was and it so, it can be stressful to get right again. At Kentronic, we try to repair your computer whilst trying to keep all user files and setting intact. It may take a little longer to repair but we have had many customer recommendations because of this.